Terms & Conditions of Yellowfish: holidays at Hotel Atlantis

1) Devices
1.1) You can install the app in any supported device you want with the code provided, on the official OS store.

2) Register
2.1) In order to register is requested a unique username and a valid email address
2.2) The user can play the app without register, however no points will be submitted

3) Scores
3.1) Scores submitted and recorded until Saturday 23:59:59 GMT of each week
3.2) Scores are reseted after the dead line provided on previous point
3.3) If no internet is available, the highest score will be sent next time internet is available

4) Award
4.1) One (1) free one-way airport transfer (up to 4 pax) between Faro and any resort within the Algarve
4.2) Each user can be awarded only one (1) free one-way airport transfer per month, to a maximum of two (2) per year
4.3) The award is issued to the user with the highest points on all levels. In case of tie, the award will be issued to the first user that submitted the points, if the tie continue then the award will be issued to the older user registered.
4.4) The award can not the exchanged for cash
4.5) An email (used to register) will be sent to winner minutes after Sunday 00:01:00 GMT each week
4.6) Once the booking is created the general YFT T&C will apply
4.7) You have two weeks after recieving the winner email to claim your award
4.8) The first award will only be given on 11th July 2015

5) Age restriction
5.1) The app player can be of any age, however the winner claimer must be over 18 years old.

6) Data protection
6.1) No promotion, newsletters or any other contact will be submited to the email provided except in case of the user being the week award winner

7) Safety, cheating
7.1) You are not entitled to use mechanisms, software, programs or other routines that could disrupt our systems. You may not adopt any measures that could lead to an unreasonable overload of the systems. The use of special software, in particular for the systematic or automatic control of the app or special game features (Bots, Macros), for the reproduction or evaluation of the app is not permitted.
7.2) It is prohibited to exploit bugs or faults in the app programming and during game-play that could represent an advantage for you for personal and/or third party purposes. If you discover any bugs, you shall notify us immediately. As far as you have derived any benefits therefrom, such benefits must be reimbursed to the extent this is possible. Intentionally exploiting bugs or fault, or publishing such exploits on the Internet or though mobile applications, can lead to an immediate cancellation of the Licensing Agreement without notice and a deletion of the account.
7.3) The use of software which allows data mining or that in any other way collects information associated with the app is prohibited.

8) Legal
8.1) This agreement is subject to the laws of the Portuguese Republic with the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the exclusion of the rules on conflict of laws.
8.2) For disputes with you, the legal place of jurisdiction shall apply as far as you have a general place of jurisdiction in the Portuguese Republic. For disputes arising from legal business transactions with merchants, legal entities under public law or special funds under public law, the exclusive competence of the place of jurisdiction Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal is considered agreed for all cases.

Version: July, 1st 2015